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A Guide to Sunscreen and Sun Protection

How to Stay Safe from
Harmful UV Rays and Have Fun

The great outdoors is an ideal place to enjoy the fresh air,
exercise or meditate. The sunshine is something that can energise the body,
improving our wellbeing. Staying outdoors and getting enough amount of sunshine
can increase serotonin and vitamin D levels. Thus, it reduces certain cancers,
diabetes and boosts the immune system. In fact, the sunshine is the best source
of vitamin D for newborn babies. Going to the beach and taking a refreshing
plunge can also be a relaxing way to recover from a long workweek. It can also
be a great way to get sun exposure to help improve our health.

However, despite the fact that the sunshine is essential for
our health, it can also be the cause of some health problems. This is
especially true if you are overexposed to the sun’s UV rays. Hence, it is very
important that you should be responsible enough in protecting your skin from
the sun whenever you go outside. Putting on sunscreen lotion is very important
before going out in the sun.

Whether you are going for a long walk or a short run, it’s
important to apply sunscreen lotion to the exposed areas of your skin. Also,
when you are planning a swimming trip to the beach, it’s important to include a
sunscreen lotion. Choosing a sunscreen with sun protection factor (SPF) of at
least 15 will give you some protection against the harmful sun rays.

There are also sunscreen lotions that are water-resistant.
This is ideal especially if you are going swimming where your skin gets wet or
jogging if you sweat a lot. Using enough amount of sunscreen on your skin 30
minutes before going out is advisable. Reapplying a generous amount of it on
your skin every 2 hours can give you added protection as well.

It’s important to remember that putting on sunscreen lotion
is not only ideal when you are taking a break on the beach, it is also
advisable during days when you are going outdoors. Even if you’re not going to
jog or take a dip in the sea, it’s recommended to apply sunscreen especially if
instances require you to stay outdoors most of the time.

Sunscreen is indeed a great solution to protecting yourself
from sun damage. However, there are tons of brands out there and some of them
contain chemicals that may be unsafe for your skin. This makes it cumbersome
for you to choose which brand will be suitable for your particular skin type
and at the same time effectively preventing sunburn. Most sunscreen brands
claim to be “all-natural” and “clinically tested”. However, some of them only
use these statements as a marketing tactic and to lure more consumers.

That’s why it is prudent that before purchasing a sunscreen
lotion you must read its label and the ingredients it contains. The most common
hazardous chemical found in sunscreen lotion is the hormone disruptor
oxybenzone. This chemical agent is often linked to skin damage and endocrine
imbalances. Another harmful ingredient that may possibly be found in sunscreen
isretinyl palmitate (vitamin A).

Moreover, don’t let
the higher SPF levels that top out at 30-50 SPF mislead you in choosing the
best sunscreen. Take note that brands advertising sunscreen products higher
than these can be misleading. Opt for
mineral (zinc-based and titanium-based) or natural-based sunscreens.
Contrary to the chemically-formulated sunscreens which absorb the UV rays,
natural or mineral-based effectively reflect sunlight away from your skin. Most
importantly, don’t skip reading the label every time you shop for sunscreen.
Doing this saves you from suffering further skin damage.

In addition to sunscreen lotion, there are also other
essential ways you can protect yourself from the hazardous effects of the sun.
This includes wearing sun protection clothing. Make sure that the various
pieces of sun protection clothing you choose are specially designed to protect
you from the sun. You should choose sun protective clothing that is weaved
tightly enough to block harmful rays. This sun protection clothing is specially
designed to suit various needs. There are choices for children and as well as
for adults. Be sure to choose the ones that are manufactured by high quality
and trusted manufacturers.

Sun protective clothing might be an ideal and intuitive
option when it comes to protecting yourself from sun damage. However, this is not
enough. Take note that your head is also prone to sun exposure. Over exposure
to the sun without covering your head can be extremely dangerous. Apart from
the sun-protective clothing to cover up your body, you will also need a
protective covering for your head. This is where sun protection caps come in
handy. Choose caps that are made of high-grade materials that can effectively
protect your head from the harmful UV rays. Most of these sun protection caps
come in various sizes that can fit children and adults comfortably.

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