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The Ideal Clothing to Wear for Ensuring Safe Fun Under the Sun

Importance of Sun Protection Swimwear

he sun is an essential source of vitamin D
which helps contribute to the overall wellness of our body. However,
overexposure to UV radiation especially between 10am and 3pm can be very
harmful. It can lead to short-term and long-term damaging effects on your health. The short-term effects to the body can include wrinkles, sun spots and
sunburn. Long periods of exposure to the sun increases the risk of skin cancer.
It can also have damaging effects on the
eyes that may lead to cataracts.

There are a number of ways to help protect
your skin from these damaging effects. Sunscreen lotion is the most common and
traditional way of protecting the body against Ultra Violet(UV) radiation.
However, it’s not enough to completely protect you from these harmful UV rays.
Covering up your body with ordinary clothing does not guarantee you safety
under the sun. That’s why sun protection swimwear had been created to give you
that optimum sun protection you need.

This particular type of swimwear is
specially designed to prevent possible UV radiation from penetrating your skin.
It provides the highest rating of Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) to help block
UV rays. This gives you a much better protection compared to sunscreen lotion
or spray. This type of sun protection swimwear is specifically designed to
cover your skin as much as possible while fitting comfortably on your body. It
is made of tightly woven fabric to ensure the sun’s harmful rays cannot reach
your skin.

Being aware of the sun’s hazardous effects
does not prevent people from swimming outdoors. In fact, more and more people
are resorting to local beaches, swimming pools and other swimming areas to exercise
or find relaxation and relief from a stressful workweek. Knowing the dangers of too much sun, sun protection
swimwear in addition to sunscreen lotion is becoming more and more popular.
It’s important to remember the higher the UPF level, the better protection you

When you are going to purchase your own sun
protection swimwear, it is prudent to pay attention to the UPF of the swimwear
you are choosing. Sun protection swimwear that has a UPF of 30 or higher is
highly recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. UPF 50 is currently the
highest level of UV protection factor available.

Swimwear with UPF 30 only allows 1/30
of the UV radiation to penetrate the material. If you are going to spend a
significant amount of time swimming, it is ideal to wear this sun protection
swimwear. This is highly recommended to give you overall protection from sun
damage. Some of these pieces of swimwear are sport-specific and often made of
both synthetic and semi-synthetic fabric including Lycra. They often come in various
styles and fittings such as rash guards, swim shirts and other types of

Ordinary clothing material that can cover
and protect your skin from the sun’s penetration can be considered
sun-protective. However, sun protection swimwear made of fabric with UPF rating
is significantly different. They are specifically designed to give more
protection especially at higher numbers (30-50 UPF). This is why sun protective
swimwear is the best choice in giving your skin that extra protection. When
choosing your sun protective swimwear, make sure to choose pieces that have
tighter weaves, are darker in colours, and made of synthetic fabrics. These are
proven to be far better in blocking harmful rays compared to the lighter or
pastel coloured ones. Sun protection garments made of tightly woven synthetic
fabrics are also a lot better than loosely woven fabrics of natural fibres.

The risk of skin cancer from over exposure
to the sun’s UV rays is a very real risk and you should not take it lightly.
Hence, you should take advantage of every possible means of protection available these days. Sun protection swimwear
is considerably the best choice when it comes to this. They may not be
fashion-forward, but their unique styles and attractive colours have earned
them significant popularity over the years. While sunscreen also continues to
gain in popularity, it cannot substitute the ultimate protection that sun
protection swimwear brings. Not only does it covers your skin and help block
out UV rays, it doesn’t give you the hassle of reapplying every few hours as
with sunscreen.

A lot of people love to spend time out in
the sun. In order to be protected from the damaging effects to the skin and
overall wellbeing, it’s ideal to cover your body with sun protection swimwear at
all times. Staying outdoors on the beach
or in any swimming area, even if you’re not directly exposed to the sun, still puts
you potentially at risk to harmful UV rays. Hence, it’s highly advisable to wear
sun-protective clothing.

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