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Summer Sun Safety Tips for Kids

Summer is the most wonderful time of the year to enjoy vacationing with the family. In fact, most families are preplanning their vacation long before the summer comes. Kids and adults alike will love to head to beach resorts to enjoy the water. This is indeed a very fun experience for both young and adults. However, this could also be worst to your skin if you are not cautious enough. Too much sun exposure can lead to skin damage and even worse, skin cancer.

That is why it’s imperative to be aware of some of the best sun safety tips during the summer. This will help keep you and your kids protected from the harmful UV rays. So, before everybody gets lost in frenzy, here are some of the useful tips that parents should take heed of. Observing these tips will ensure that your kids will be protected from the damaging effects of the sun.

Lessen exposure to direct sunlight

It is during the summer when the sun will emit heat and UV radiations at intense level. This is where maximum sun protection is much needed. Of course, the sun is not a foe. It is in fact, considered the source of life. Without the warmth of the sun, we cannot survive. It’s just that UV rays happen to have harmful effects on our skin on direct exposure. You should not forfeit your kid’s enjoyment of the sun by hiding them in the darkness of your room. The best thing for you to do is to lessen their direct exposure to the sun as much as possible. Be aware of the time when the sun is emitting intense level of UV radiations. That’s from 10am to 4pm.

Protect your kids with sun protection clothing

The sun rays cannot be that bad at all times. It can also be the source of vitamin D which is good for both kids and adults. Your body especially the young ones need this vitamin to strengthen the bones. However, it is always advised by the experts not to expose young children to too much sun. Their young fragile skin may not stand up against the intensity of the UV rays. But let’s face it, you cannot keep your kids from going outdoors and play with friends. In order to protect them from these harmful rays, you must ensure that they are wearing sun protective clothes. Sun protection clothing is specifically designed to prevent the radiation from reaching or penetrating through the skin.

Use Sunscreen

Some styles for sun protection clothing cannot cover the entire body. This is where sunscreen comes in handy. The best sunscreens for kids must have an SPF of at least 15. If your kids will be staying in the water longer than usual, ensure you use the waterproof brand and reapply as needed.

Consider other summer gear

UV protective outfits are generally complete to the last accessories in most specialty shops. These sun protective gears include the sun hats of different materials, sizes and designs. Be sure you are getting the right quality gear for your kids. It should be the right size and fit as well as perfect enough to cover the shoulder and the entire face. It must also be enough to protect the scalp, the areas at the back of the head and the neck. A matching pair of quality sunglasses is also important to protect your kids’ eyes from the sun’s glare.

While these summer sun safety tips are meant for the kids, there must also be adult supervision in the use of the materials or equipment. Certainly, these tips are equally applicable and addressed to parents or any adult companions. For sure, the kids will be watching you. So, you must also be observing these tips for your own protection as well. Be responsible also to check your kid’s skin condition minutes after slathering sunscreen lotion. If you notice that rashes are starting to develop, you have to discontinue using it. Additionally, check your kid’s skin condition after minutes or hours of being exposed to the sun. If there are blemishes that appear reddish, perhaps it’s high time to withdraw him out from the water or from direct sunlight.

Summer is indeed fun. It can be even more fun if you are totally protected from the sun’s UV rays. As responsible parent, you have to take heed of these tips. This is especially if you don’t want your kids to miss the fun and excitement of summer. For the best sun protection clothing for your kids visit Stingray Australia. We are the original supplier of genuine quality sun protection clothing in Australia and all over the world. We have a range of sun protective clothing for kids to choose from. We offer a wide variety of design and style that is guaranteed to fit kids at any age. For all your sun protective clothing requirements including other summer gears or accessories visit us online today. You can also call us on 1800 717876.